James Moore Demonizes Those Who Disagree With His Brand Of Copyright C-32

In the ominous course of exactly one year to the date, what may have once been regarded as the best of times (June 22, 2009) has morphed into what can be classified as the worst of times (June 22, 2010). What was once the age of wisdom, is now the age of foolishness. Witness what has become of MP James Moore and his copyright reform ideals as evidenced in this video. It was one year ago at Canada’s Digital Economy: Moving Forward conference hosted by Industry Canada in Ottawa that Minister Moore reached out and appealed to a broad cross section of attendess for their input and ideas for copyright reform. As Moore so eloquently stated:

The future is now, it is coming and it is remarkable…never has their been a better time to be alive than right now…it’s not only Michael Geist twittering in real-time to his universe of people who care about copyright…the opportunities in front of us are remarkable…the average age of a Member of Parliament is 55, but those under the age of 25 are consuming more media than ever before, you’d be surprised the number of MP’s who’ve never held an iPhone…the old way of doing things is over and it’s great and it’s never been better and we need to be enthusiastic and embrace these things. Don’t assume that those that are making the decisions and driving this debate understand all the dynamics that are at play here and how great this can be for Canada…the opportunities are unbelieveable and are unparalleled in human history

Very heartening and encouraging words from Moore a year ago. Moore stresses that MP’s, those making the decisions and reforming copyright law do not fully understand the technology and the influence it has on every facet of Canadian lives. As Moore indicates, the old way of doing things is over and it’s great and we need to be enthusiastic and embrace these things. What a difference a year makes, witness Minister Moore a year to the date:

Those absolutists out there, who are babyish in their approach to copyright legislation who think that any idea that copyright reform would be an attack on individual citizens are people who frankly don’t get…Don’t fool yourself. These voices that are out there, these people that are out there who pretend to be experts that the media cite all the time. They don’t believe in any copyright reform whatsoever. They will find any excuse to oppose this bill, to drum up fear, to mislead, to misdirect, and to push people in the wrong direction and to undermine what has been a meaningful comprehensive year-long effort to get something right…Those people out there who try to pretend that they are copyright experts and they want to amend copyright in a meaningful way, don’t be fooled by some of these people. They don’t believe in any copyright. They don’t believe in individuals’ right to protect their own creations…Make sure that those voices who try to find technical, non-sensical, fear-mongering reasons to oppose copyright reform are confronted every step of the way and they are defeated.

Minister Moore has gone from encouraging broad participation and input regarding copyright reform to casting most critics of his brand of copyright reform as “radical extremists” As the omnipresent Michael Geist alludes, is Minister Moore referring to these groups which include MP’s, consumer groups, university teachers and students, library groups, business/trade groups and retail groups. So this begs the question Mr Moore: Why should Canadians now not speak out on copyright and rely only upon MP’s (who as you’ve alluded average in age over 55) to spoon feed consumers of technology (those under 25 consume the most technology) new laws that will dictate their everyday activities? Why must we ensure that those who “oppose copyright reform are confronted every step of the way and they are defeated?”