Don’t Allow Your Voice To Be Silenced In The Canadian Copyright Debate

The Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights has updated its online letter writing wizard in light of recent developments in the Canadian copyright reform front. This update is intended to address the Government’s seeming willingness to ignore the voices of thousands of Canadians and proceed with the introduction of anti-consumer copyright reform legislation in as little as 6 weeks. Legislation that goes in a polar opposite direction of what Canadians demanded during the consultation process.

Send your letter now and share this tool with your friends, family and co-workers. It is essential that we all speak up now while we have the opportunity.

BattleGoat Studios Joins The Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights

The Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights is proud to announce that Canadian video game developer Battlegoat Studios has become a coalition member.

BattleGoat Studios is a Canadian Software Developer committed to developing leading edge “Intelligent Strategy Games” for the PC…the team firmly believes that Strategy Gamers are looking for more sophisticated games that also remain fun to play. BattleGoat insists that their approach to development will always emphasize an accurate, heavily researched environment assuring players an entertaining and immersive gameplay experience.

Founder and lead developer George Geczy has been very open and frank when discussing copyright reform in Canada as evidenced by his Copyright Consultation Submission. As a successful and independent Canadian game developer, Geczy felt it imperative to directly address The Entertainment Software Association of Canada to make it clear that their anti-consumer views on copyright are not representative of BattleGoat Studios’ views or that of many other small and mid-size Canadian developers. Geczy continued:

Your comments and proposals completely disregard the final consumer – the video game purchaser and player – and the fact that they, too, deserve certain rights in a fair system. Rights
such as the ability to continue to play a game after a user’s system has been upgraded or replaced; the ability to backup a PC game to protect from system failure; the ability to continue playing a legally purchased game after a publisher goes out of business and the ‘authentication’ server is taken off line; and so on. Your insistence on anti-circumvention legislation for Canada is a direct assault on the very customers who buy video game products.

The addition of independent game developer, BattleGoat Studios, to the Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights galvanizes the calls from Canadians for fair and balanced copyright reforms that maintain technologically neutrality. A reformed copyright regime that takes into careful consideration the rights of consumers as well as creators. A framework that will not be trumped by international trade agreements negotiated in complete secrecywithout public consultation or consideration.